BellaDance by Leanna

Bringing the Art of Belly Dance
to Hamilton

Leanna began her dance career as a member of the Cheerforce Tigers all-star cheerleading team. Competing across North America for 3 years, she won numerous competitions including provincial, national, and grand-championship titles. Since 2006, Leanna has dedicated her career to raqs sharqi. She has studied with notable instructors such as Mahmoud Reda, Aida Nour, Yasmina Ramzy, Melissa Gamal and many more.

As a member of Arabesque Canada, her performance highlights are: dancing on the International Stage at the CNE (2016, 2017), Dance Ontario Dance Weekend (2014-2017), the CW Network Series ‘Reign’ (2016), Pan Am Opening Ceremony with Cirque du Soleil (2015), and the full scale production ‘Sawah’ (2014). Leanna also performs as an ensemble and soloist with the Arabesque Entertainment Agency.

Over the years, Leanna's dedication and passion has made her a popular teacher in her hometown of Hamilton. She started BellaDance as a testament of the art forms power to revitalize and empower oneself. Leanna is thrilled to bring her style of Egyptian belly dance to the Hamilton community.